The VSSL is ready with the sufficient & efficient experts in different system development tasks.

The key areas are;


VSSL comes-up with an appropriate system of which functional analysis is equally important as technical analysis. Our system analysis and design team specializes equally both in Business Process & System Analysis.


VSSL having a professional web developers and designers, they are skilled in development with Microsoft Front Page, WordPress and Macromedia Fireworks for web site design.


The team consists of young and innovative programmers have a variety of experience in programming.

Our programming skill includes:

Programming Languages:

VB, Visual C++, Java, VB for Application (VBA)

Scripting Languages:

Java Script, VB Scripts

Web Programming Languages:

PHP &, Perl/CGI, Active Server Pages (ASP)

Multimedia Development:

Photoshop, Flash and Flash Script.


We expertise in database design, implementation and management using database management systems like; Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro for ISAM or flat database systems and enterprise based database management systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, My SQL server for robust commercial databases. User friendly interfaces are implemented to suite both desktop and web users as desktop applications and web based applications respectively as a front end for the database.